Monday, 5 September 2011

Happy Birthday Mother.

Today, 6th September is birthday for Puan Rabibah binti Ahmad or my beloved mother. This year is my mother's 50th birthday. I wanna thanks to my mother for giving me everything especially love. Every son or daughter need a love from his/her mother. A mother always wanna make her son/daughter happy without boring because for a mother, son and daughter is everything for her. So we as a son or daughter need to appreciate our mother. So I'm Hizam Hafiz b. Hatta Husnoon as a good son to my mother wanna make a wish for my mother or Puan Rabibah binti Ahmad: "Happy birthday mother, I love you so much, thanks because make me happy always and give me everything especially love and for me you're the best mother on earth. And mother, I promise one day I will make you proud." "Selamat hari jadi emak, adik sayang sangat dekat mak, terima kasih sebab selalu buat adik gembira dan beri segalanya kepada adik terutama sekali kasih sayang seorang ibu dan bagi adik emak adalah ibu yang paling baik kat dunia ni. Dan emak, adik janji satu hari nanti adik akan membuat mak rasa bangga kat adik".
This is when i was younger like 1 or 2 years old.

This picture is when Eidulfitri 2011. And in this picture I was at my mother's right.
And again Happy birthday mother. Dan sekali lagi Selamat hari jadi Emak.

P/s: actually i have another two younger brother but my brother go to his friend house early so they don't have their face in Eidulfitri picture.
P/ss: "adik" is what my family call me so.... you know what that's mean right. Btw Happy birthday to my mom.