Friday, 9 September 2011

Adidas Stan Smith.

Same sh*t but different day. You know what that's mean? That's mean is you are always feel same kind of boring at today and next day and so on. Err I think so by the way I'm always feel boring at home cause I have nothing to do. I'm still in holiday but it is a boring holiday. My new sem's start next week. When I don't have anything to do something was go in my mind you know what? It's my blog was go in my mind so I feel like better I write something to my blog to prevent from boring. =,=" So right now I wanna tell you about my new shoes. Sorry if you feel like I'm a annoying boy that tell something about their new shoes but you can't do anything because I always do what I want when I feel like it. Chop! This is my new shoes Brown Adidas Stan Smith I bought this at Uptown Danau Kota cause it is the best place to find something with the best price. Hee. Actaully I wanna buy Nike Air shoes but they doesn't have my size maybe I have no luck and maybe not. So I bought this beautiful shoes at Uptown. The actual price is Rm98 so I deal with the seller to get Rm70 so he was agreed. So I bought la this shoes with Rm70 it's not bad huh. 

So how? It's not bad huh. But before I taking the picture I've used this shoes so that why it's has a little dirt. Wait, what? It's same with yours? So give me a High Five dude. Hee.

P/s: I was bored so I write something about my shoes at my blog. It's not illegal right. So have fun.

at? Same with yours? So give me High Five. Hee...