Sunday, 25 December 2011

Holiday after a long journey.

Happy holidays every body :)

As-salam and greetings every body. You know what? I'm on the holiday right now after ending my fifth semester with a lot of experience. And now I need to wait for my final exam in January next year and also my driving license test(Test JPJ). Hehe hopefully I will do the best for the exam. But unfortunately my holiday is so boring. Because I don't know what to do and where to go and also date with who. Haha actually I'm single and don't have a girlfriend haha yeah some times I do like someone but she's like someone else so life must go on baby. And you know sometimes I like a girl with a long hair and sometimes I like a girl with a short hair because for me it's kinda cute hey actually I am not a choosy guy okay :) haha okay back to my holiday okay yaa you also can join my holiday haha. Okay maybe I forgot to tell y'all something. haha my birthday is 14/12/1992 so I celebrate my birthday with my family only haha and many friends of mine wishing it to me haha thanks my friends. Yes that's mean I'm a sagitaurius boy. haha. :) As y'all know December 2011 only have a week left before we start a new year 2012. Haha so good luck to y'all who still have to go to school next year. Okay I don't know what to say right now so we will meet very soon. See ya and Happy new year.